Who Should Join

To Join Or Not To Join
The question whether to join or not to join depends on the level of efficiency your business wants to operate on, how well you are apprised of California labor laws, if you take benefit of employer educational opportunities, if you base your business growth not only on economic factors but also on a motivated work force, and many other facets that comprise the working fabric of a business entity and how it functions. Below are only a few points of interest that may open up and conclude the discussion for joining the EAC.

Who Is The EAC?
Employer Advisory Councils (EACs) are a cross section of local employers volunteers who join with the California Employment Development Department (EDD) staff to assist the employer community to do business more effectively and efficiently.

Among the many functions that the EAC’s have established and proudly execute are:

  • Provide opportunities for information resources, networking, education and services.
  • Strengthen the partnership between EDD and employers.
  • Utilize EDD programs and services to achieve mutual goals.
  • Facilitate local economic growth to benefit the community.
  • Contribute to and support local programs for education.
  • Contribute to and support the employment and quality of life of military veterans.
  • Board of Directors meetings are transparent and members are welcome to attend.

Who Should Join?
Employers in small to large businesses in any industry are encouraged to join. An invaluable tool for:
Business Owners
Corporate Officers and Managers
Human Resource Managers
Office Managers
Payroll Specialists
All persons in today’s business and work environment

You may review the membership roster here.

How To Join
By joining your local Employer Advisory Council (EAC), you automatically become a member of the California Employer Advisory Council (CEAC). If you have decided to become a member, click below on your preferred mode to fill out your contact information. You will be contacted within 10-12 business days regarding your interest in becoming a member.